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Registered Non-For-Profit Organisation

 Donatations can be made direct to Earth Shield Program 

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Earth Shield Program has commenced fundraising for Australia’s first mobile observatory to operate in remote areas of Australia with a light pollution is minimal increasing the chance of detection of numerous objects that may at some point in time impact planet. And as part of our education on Near Earth Objects we will be engaging the general public in all states and territories in their capital cities one day a month, this will coincide with our resupply for our remote operations throughout Australia. Our research is for all living creatures on this planet including us. We thank you for your support, if you need to contact us  on mobile 04567 28930 calls outside of Australia 61+4567 28930.

Earth Shield Program is a registered

Not-For -Profit Organisation in Australia

We appreciate the support and generosity of eveyone who wishs to make a contribution/donation to our cause.  Our main task at Earth Shield Program is locating Near Earth Objects (Asteroids) and Comets that may at some point impact the Earth and research and development into ways of deflecting these objects, with your support we will be able to continue with our research.

                                                   Thank you for your continued support


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Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided spectacularly with Jupiter in 1994. Jupiter's gravitational pull ripped this comet apart into fragments of up to 1.8 miles wide, and they struck at 60.52 approximately  Kilometres per second, resulting in 21 impacts on Jupiter’s dense atmosphere. It was estimated to have exploded with the force of 6,000 gig tons of TNT, the first impact from the first fragment of this comet impacted an area on Jupiter equal to the size of planet Earth.  Now let’s ask the question "What would the effects have been if it had hit Earth and not our Friendly Planet Jupiter that has taken how many hits and saved us to date".  However, Jupiter will not always be able to pull them in, it depends where Jupiter’s positioned within our solar system at the time. Debris from the creation of the universe and also our solar system have endless amount of these objects traveling also within our universe.

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