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NASA Releases New Eye-Popping View of Carbon Dioxide
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I would like to let you the public along with the science community, know some of the facts in regards to the events in the way of the extreme weather that we have been experiencing over the past month. And yes I do believe that these events will continue and become worse,  this will include Southern Hemisphere more so in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our research on particles that are deflected from the sun show an increase or radiation  particles entering the earths atmosphere,these particles are defecting from above latitude 30 degrees north latitude and approximately 30 degrees south. So the portion between these latitudes are we’re these particles of high radiation are penetrating earths atmosphere,all the extremes events within the latitudes were temperatures are reaching records only in recorded records. Unfortunately we are still trying to understand about past events and if our research is wright and I am hoping that I am incorrect that a events here on earth are traced to these particles and the increase of energy from the sun will place more hardship to humanity here on earth.

But know we are seeing much more energy from the sun, just in the past two weeks we have seen more of these events, is this just a coincidence. I believe that there is more to the suns activity than we care to realise. And yes I do think we are adding to this warming, but I strongly believe that if we don’t look at the whole picture how are we to find ways of trying to stabilize these effects.  Our research is seeing more energy being released by the sun with UV much higher than being report by authorities, people need to be notified and told the truth. The team at Earth Shield Program are researching these effects and including new types of carbon capture methods, along with our main focus Asteroid Detection along with Deflection and Locating. 

This is why we continue to ask for your support so that we can continue our research for the benefit of the planet.

Fact! over the past 50 years there has been a large number of storm events with large amounts of shower activity in most countries around the planet, science needs to calculate from these events how much soil has been place obviously into rivers, and then you would have to say that this material would make its way to the oceans allowing much stronger ocean serges that also adds to material been relocated back into the ocean adding to the event, and we are talking trillions of tons. I do realise that the ocean is vast, but over time this will displace the oceans and create much shallower water were you will have much warmer water creating much more events that we are seeing now, but we are now seeing much different icing effects in the Antarctic which there are good indications that the poles maybe shifting to a much colder climate, time will tell.


Earth's Climate Change

Date posted 29th October 2013

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NASA Releases New Eye-Popping View of Carbon Dioxide

   Russian-flagged ship stranded in Antarctica December 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan November 2013


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You can see why the data of Sun activities and Sea Ice formation in the South Antarctic correlation between the two must be looked at very carefully as the sun activity has a major effect on climate change itself.


                     1st of September 2015


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