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All text is copyright @ 2013 Mr Steven Howarth

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Antimatter and Black Holes, taking into consideration all known facts on black holes.

I have come to the conclusion with my research into Black Holes and all the facts of viewing these objects within deep space, my findings have been such where I am now ready to release my findings in this document.

Fact  1. Viewing from ground and space-based telescopes these objects can be found by light micro lensing, this tells us that the matter within this spherical portion of the black hole has compressed a matter in which creates a bulge within the black hole itself. This matter is compressed in a way that creates a bulge in which I believe is dark matter as shown in diagram.

Fact 2. Black holes whilst micro lensing and viewing from our space and ground-based telescopes do not show light penetrating the centre portion of the black hole, it does show the distortion of light which would be located somewhere on the event horizon of these stellar bodies.

Fact 3. We have to take into consideration the gravitational fact on any portion of space when it comes to these objects, we know within our galaxy Dark Matter exists but in what form. If you compress a large volume of space into a small area of heavy gravitational fields that you will have an access of material, which I believe the reaction between the heavy gravitational field of black holes and space causes the creation of dark matter. My findings Black Holes are created when violent events happen within our universe, what size needs to understand that the matter and light itself can be captured within these fantastic and deadly objects. The most simplest of terms for this is very simple if you have more material going into one place and if the material is of an endless supply you will find that the mass of these objects are trying to consume you and with a bulge of material in the way of Dark Matter, as the Dark Matter increases the higher the gravitational effect on the black hole itself.

Matter that is consumed into the black hole would react somewhat differently to Dark Matter thus would be consumed and/or injected whilst capturing dark matter just below the event horizon and theoretically would have large amounts held within the core of the black hole itself

This becomes a runaway effect as more matter is consumed by the black hole, I findings have been that at some point in time Black Holes themselves would be overcome by Matter itself.

The coming stellar material that enters these objects is fast and what we know is as partial fact a large percentage hypothetical. As we know these objects have an immense gravitational field, my research into Black Holes as broadened my understanding of them. To create such gravitational energy requires a source for that energy; the source would be matter that creates a spherical lens effect of matter including Dark Matter itself.

In this configuration of the matter within the black hole, would point to light along with other still material that does not react with the Dark Matter portion of the Black Hole. As seen in diagram light particles are absorbed around the lensing of matter within the Black Hole, the traversing of light and other space particles such as electrons and photons just between gravitational well in the event horizon. The question we really need to ask ourselves is how light along with dark matter over thousands or if not millions of years continue to sustain an immense gravitational effect. Because of our time here on earth is only a nanosecond of the lifetime of the planets.

In summing up the facts are that this theory has just as much stand in the science community as all the other theories before it, these objects we may never know the actual truth about them.

If you believe Dark Matter is fast throughout our solar system and also the universe we must also believe that these objects as Black Holes have the ability to store within the core vast amounts of Dark Matter and as this stellar body travels vast distances you can only imagine the amount of material that these objects consume.

Copy righted Mr Steven Howarth